Experienced Advice for Complex Disputes

International Arbitration is the Arena for Most Complex Disputes.

Such complexity requires both the procurement of specific expertise and the ability to coordinate that expertise.

Our unique Investor-State arbitration experience and background, which covers law and finance, is the perfect combination.

Who best to advise your case than the one with the most hands-on experience?

Investment Promotion and Protection

Today’s global economy demands cross-border justice. That is why not only the States but also the investors, when promoting and protecting investments, should take into consideration the existence of the thousands of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and multilateral agreements devised to protect investments worldwide. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Law Firm Selection

Antuña has worked either as co-counsel or as opposite counsel with best law firms.

Expert Selection

Antuña has worked either as instructing counsel or as cross-examining counsel with top experts firms.

Quantum Assessment

The analyses of the damages and valuations do not start with the statement of claim. They are often the very raison d’être of the arbitration. These valuations, far from being static,  are often revised throughout the proceedings. Antuña’s vast expertise in valuation of damages and quantum assessment makes the whole difference in this area.

Case Strategy Design & Coordination

Antuña’s characteristic analytical approach, together with his financial and law expertise, provides him with unique skills when addressing the best strategy in each case.

Indeed, he has shown these skills in designing the economic strategy of the vast majority of the renewable energy and mining arbitrations against Spain, achieving remarkable landmarks.